How to compose CV

Your resume is your first introduction to a potential employer. A well-composed resume is the first step to a successful interview.

Some practical tips from IT Camp:

1) Write the truth about yourself, but do not tell everything to the last detail. Your task is to highlight the advantages and experience that will be useful in the desired position.

2) Take care of grammar. After writing, check your resume and correct typos and errors.

3) Stick to a clear structure.

Your resume should contain:

  • Your personal data (name and contact information).
  • Purpose (what vacancy you’re applying for).
  • Education (described in descending order).
  • Work experience (starting from the very last one).
  • Achievements in previous positions (this is one of the most important points of your resume).

Optionally you can add:

  • Your additional skills (for example, knowledge of languages).
  • Your hobby.

As you prepare your resume, do not overdo it, it’s enough to write 1 – 2 pages. Highlight the most important things the employer needs to pay attention to.

Present your life as an upward movement, the path from small to large, and be ready for success!

You can draw up your own resume yourself, or use various websites that offer ready-made resume templates. For example here

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