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Negotiations in Recruitment: training by Andrey Yatsenko

Date: 20/11/2018
Time: from 10 to 19
Location: Days Hotel (hotel address Brivibas gatve 199c, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia)
Price: 265,00 EUR + VAT


For the first time in Riga, the training “Negotiations in Recruitment” hosted by Andrey Yatsenko, a negotiator with more than 17 years of experience in negotiations and sales, as well as a specialist in the field of evaluating non-verbal information, business trainer, managing partner of “Negotiations Consulting” company.

How often during the hiring process you find it difficult to build communication with the customer, despite your experience? And with the candidate?

If you have been working in recruitment for a long time, you most likely have repeatedly encountered situations when the customer declares:

  • We have a cool company, candidates must line up for us in a queue.
  • Hold the candidate, he is suitable for us, but we need to think for another week or two.
  • His salary expectations are mostly acceptable for us, but offer him less. Maybe he agrees?
  • Find us more candidates, this one is suitable, but we’d like to see some more of them.
  • Why do you need job requirements? You should know them, you’re a recruiter.

And the candidate keeps up with the client:

  •         Thanks, I’m not interested.
  •         Another recruiter has already approached me, I declined.
  •         I won’t do the test task, no time for that.
  •         I only want a remote job.
  •         I will accept your offer, um no, I won’t accept it, um no, I haven’t decided yet.
  •        Well, I don’t know, I’m a top specialist – offer me something better.

To find a common language with both the candidate and the customer, it’s not enough with common communication techniques – a full-fledged negotiation skill is needed to understand the right approaches and tactics. Only this way you will be able to build a full-fledged long-term contact and increase the speed and quality of filling the vacancies.

The training is aimed at:  the executives and company managers; employees in recruitment.

Goals of the training:

  1. Learn to build a system of effective communication with any customer and candidate.
  2. Learn to easily conduct negotiations for your own benefit, to defend your own interests, to find contact with any customer.

Training program:

1. Principles of effective negotiation

  • How to “look into the head” of a customer and a candidate.
  • Systematic vision and negotiation principles.
  • Preparation for negotiations and stages of communication with the customer.
  • The budget of negotiations as a basis for interaction with the customer. How much should I invest in the process and why? Insufficient and excessive budget.
  • Involving customer and candidate in productive dialogue.

2. The needs and motivation of the candidate and the customer

  • Active listening or “how to understand what’s on the customer’s mind.”
  • Principles of identifying customer’s needs. How to use open questions.
  • “Pros and cons” of benefit and their use in negotiations.
  • In-depth motivation of the customer. Hidden motivation of the candidate. The motivation for the agreement and the use of “pressure points” in the negotiations. Dialogue through the need.

3. Offer argumentation and proposal

  • Rules for building argumentation in negotiations with internal and external customers. The formula for effective argumentation is the principle of FAB (Features/Advantages/Benefits) in the selection of arguments.
  • What you need to know before you start “selling” the candidate to the customer. Proper “sale” of the candidate and your own services.
  • Strategies and tactics of bargaining.
  • How to reject with pleasure, if necessary.
  • Proper finalization and withdrawal from negotiations.

Are you ready to bring your communication with the customer and candidate to a completely new level or continue to watch how others do it?

The training is in Russian.

➡ Ticket price 265,00 EUR + VAT.

📧 For further questions please contact event organizer Yekaterina Lapina: or call: +371 29634226

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